Tuesday, April 25, 2017




他是一个永不停歇的男人。每次都有新的点子新的摄影想法冒出,所以,你虽然会从他的电影猜出这是他的风格他的作品,但他很少重复 自己。




  • We have great actor. Film is about dense between the space and integrity of the space. I (referred as 'photog' in following text) am the closest person to the actor, actor dont have to project, they have to react, more than acting. If you have a budget, use two camera on two actors, because 'reacting' is more interesting. 
  • Photog  is just a porter between message and the one infront of the camera, we give the space, hence, trust has to be established in between this relationship.
  • I used 'shadow, moving light, speed of camera, colour sceme and reflection' (to tell a story)
  • In west, they wont call the photog until the very last minute before the real shooting time, so they could be perception understanding , in terms of 'space', showing a photog the location is more important. Only then, the possibility of location made what western said 'as written' is seen. However, if you cant change it, EMBRACE it. (example given was the oranges were painted orange as they were still green when filming). Sometimes, the whether makes the art. 
  • Question: (Of all the shakspears) How many good Sheakspear movies you have seen? Its all about interpretation. 
  • Introducing the 'Camera Obscura' -- The first camera, where pin a hole and uses mirror to project the world outside. This is used to a film to show : "as the actor observed".
  •  Music is important to give energy (to the scene) and go further.
  • (We used to see) Based on True Story, but EVERY STORY IS A TRUE STORY. If it is not true to you, why would you care? How to find it? 

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